Oak Hall’s Library specialises in matters of antiquarian interest including heraldry, nobility, phaleristics, and history.

An Ever Growing Collection

Oak Hall Bookplate

The Oak Hall Library is hidden behind a small door under the grand staircase. Inside is a richly ornamented Gothic quatrefoil ceiling, with oak paneling, and floor to ceiling shelves filled with a unique collection of books, manuscripts, and maps.

While the library contains a collection spanning a vast array of antiquarian matters including vexillology, phaleristics, geography, feudalism, medieval European history, the British aristocracy, Scottish history, Napoleonic France, land tenure, estate management, and more, it specialises in heraldry, genealogy, and the nobiliary sciences. The individual books in the collection are not of great economic value, but the collection’s careful curation provides a comprehensive perspective on its primary areas of focus.

The Heraldry & Nobiliary Sciences Collection

The combination of titles in the Heraldry & Nobiliary Sciences Collection provide the discerning researcher a valuable opportunity to trace armigerous families from antiquity to modern times. A small sampling of some of the most interesting items from the Collection’s shelves:

  1. 1805

    A History of the College of Arms

    The Rev. Mark Noble, FAS

  2. 1716

    The Peerage of Scotland

    George Crawfurd, Esq.

  3. 1676

    Divi Britannici: A Remark Upon the Lives of all of the Kings of this Isele

    Sir Winston Churchill, Kt.

  4. 1867

    Examples of the Ornamental Herladry of the Sixteenth Century

    Sir William Stirling Maxwell

  5. 1902

    Some Feudal Coats of Arms & Pedigrees

    Joseph Foster

  6. 1741

    Baronia Anglica

    Thomas Madox, Esq.

  7. 1864

    Armorial de la Noblesse de France

    M. Acquier

  8. 1701

    La Nouvelle Methode Raisonnée Du Blason

    P.F.C. Menestrier

  9. 1863

    The Law and Practice of Heraldry in Scotland

    George Seton, FSA (Scot)

A section of the Oak Hall collection

Academic Research Program: Heraldry & Nobiliary Sciences

Books from the heraldry, genealogy and nobiliary sciences collection at Oak Hall are available to qualified Academic Researchers by appointment or by loan.

To obtain a full list of titles, and to apply for participation in the program, please inquire via email at [email protected]